Fleet management, refurbishment and workshop services

TechSupport XL has extensive experience in all areas of the automotive and fleet business, in particular in vehicle repair, refurbishment, spare parts supply chain management, fleet and workshop management and administration. 

Workshop Facilities

Techsupport XL designs, builds and equips various types of workshop facilities on an EPCM (Engineering, procurement and construction management) basis. We have done this for clients worldwide in major cities and in remote off grid sites. Our solutions range from quick, efficient, flexible and modular workshops to more permanent structures. We also provide mobile workshops for off-site towing and repair services. These include:

  • Assessment
  • Construction
  • Management
  • Training
  • IT/ Processes
  • Measurement (KPI)
  • Handover

Spare Parts & Supply Chain Management

We work with suppliers to supply spare parts worldwide at competitive prices at short notice. We supply all tools and associated equipment for vehicle repair and large automotive workshops. As a service we can provide a full spare parts management program as an outsourced function ensuring our clients have the right service and spare parts available at all times to ensure a proper maintenance program for their fleet.

Refurbishment Programs

Techsupport XL carries out refurbishment programs on organisations’ non-performing vehicle and equipment assets. Clients may be sitting on old and obsolete assets that can have extended lifecycles by undertaking refurbishment and overhaul programs. This is sometimes cheaper than buying new assets. We provide vehicle refurbishment and overhaul programs, and have carried out the complete refurbishment on a large variety of fleets and equipment.

Product Supply

In addition to spare parts, Techsupport XL can also supply a variety of services and workshop supplies as well as different types of vehicles and generators. Please see below for a complete list of products we can assist with:

  • Tools and equipment
  • Workshop supplies
  • Mobile and container workshops
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Vehicles and trucks
  • Heavy equipment
  • Generators

Techsupport XL  assists its clients with arranging finance through its network of asset finance, lease finance, export credit agencies and other financial service providers. Based on the creditworthiness and strength of the client, Techsupport XL is able to introduce and facilitate financing packages for its clients and manage the process from document preparation to negotiation and completion of the finance facilities. This is a service that is reserved for Techsupport XL clients.

HR & Recruitment

We source competent and qualified staff for our clients and develop and manage training courses for operators, mechanics, technicians, diagnostics, workshop IT systems, workshop management and health and safety. Techsupport XL has trained over 500 people in both operation and vehicle repair technical training to an international standard and provided certifications to successful students. 

IT Systems & Processes

Techsuppport XL provides fleet and workshop IT solutions, including IVMS (In vehicle monitoring system) and FMS (Fleet management system) systems.

We represent one of the world’s leading IVMS solution providers where we combine the installation of electronic devices in the vehicle, or fleet of vehicles, collecting data in the process from the field and delivering it to the base of operation. The systems use GPS and satellite technology for locating the vehicle. The technology extends to driver monitoring, cameras (external and internal), fuel monitoring and all other driver and vehicle monitoring requirements.

Techsupport XL has its own proprietary IT workshop management systems specialising in the following areas

  • Procurement
  • Inventory
  • Stock and Spare Parts management
  • Real time inventory levels (stocks, values, costs)
  • Minimum inventory level indicator re-ordering.
  • Allocating jobs to appropriate technicians
  • Monitoring skill levels of employees and development requirements.
  • Issue job cards
  • Spare parts issuing
  • Job completion form – Reporting
  • Spare parts – history, fast moving vs non-moving
  • Maintenance history (Frequency, costs, downtime)
  • Costs of repairs

Other Programs

Provide complete dedicated management of workshops including outsourcing the workshop as an external business function. Services include:

  • Pre-delivery inspection
  • Distressed assets
  • Conversion programs
  • Multi fleet workshops
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